Crypto world is quite different from usual Stock markets, without strict regulations, with a lot of different exchanges and OTC and Bots traders. These differences determine the high need for Market Making services in crypto markets.
In Stock markets Market Making are useful method for attracting traders and it is one of the Marketing campaign tool. If we compare Bitcoin, Tesla or other well known companies Stock Markets, these assets don’t need Market Making services, because all of them are quite visible, have many options to choose different exchanges and asset forms worldwide.
If we look at the small companies Stock markets, they haven’t enough trading volume without Market Making, public marketings campaigns.
This is why Market Making services are natural service for all new Token markets. Exchanges accepting it with many other marketing tools like bounty campaigns, trading competitions, Hodl actions.
Marketshoot team providing all Market Making services – from Token listing advisory, liquidity maintenance, price spread monitoring, trading attractiveness, order book filling and etc.
If you need advise – please send request and our high qualified specialists will contact with you and we will find the best solution for your Token attraction!